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Jeremy McGilvrey’s Book CEO

Will Change Your Life Forever

You’re trying to live life on your own terms.

It’s what you want more than anything else.

Because when you live life on your own terms, you’re the boss. You’re the one in charge of your wealth, health, and happiness.

But, so far, it hasn’t happened. Success keeps eluding you.

It shouldn’t, though. Success at living life on your own terms is readily attainable. 

It just takes 3 things:

  1. Awareness of the steps to achieve success
  2. Knowledge of how to correctly implement those steps
  3. Understanding why the steps work

All three of those requirements are outlined in detail in Jeremy McGilvrey’s book CEO: 7 Secrets to Unleash Your Inner Boss and Start Building Your Million Dollar Future Today.

Like an Advanced Jeremy McGilvrey Course

CEO employs the same warm and friendly, yet no-punches-pulled storytelling formula found in other books by Jeremy McGilvrey. This one, however, is a first – it tells you not only what to do and how to do it, but also why to do it.

Read this book and you’ll come away equipped to overcome the false beliefs, pessimism, and fears that right now hold you back from achieving success.

Presented to you over the span of 7 intensely absorbing chapters, you will be nourished and nurtured by a wellspring of substantive advice borne out by practical, real-life experiences. 

Adopt the strategies contained in this book’s 578 pages, and marvel at how success no longer flees from you but is pulled in toward you.

Jeremy Mcgivrey CEO Book

These strategies worked for the author. And he’s extremely confident they will work for you too.

This Mind-Bending Book by Jeremy McGilvrey Reveals Little-Known CEO Tips

This bestselling book features the voices of eminently successful chief executive officers from around the world. 

Of these voices, unquestionably the most impassioned belongs to the book’s author – a man who achieved stunning success only after lifting himself up and out of the hellish pit into which he had been tossed.

Jeremy McGilvery’s trek to success went awry on Oct. 20, 2009. On that date, his journey detoured into a Texas criminal courtroom where he found himself sentenced to two 20-year prison terms – a grand total of 40 years in the penitentiary. 

Jeremy readily admits he made some bonehead mistakes while running a financial-related business he founded in his early 20s.

After serving four of those 40 years, a different judge – shocked by the unconscionableness of the punishment – intervened and obtained Jeremy’s release from prison.

As Jeremy walked out of the maximum-security institution a free man, the prison system handed him a check for $300 and wished him good fortune. Neither the cash nor the luck lasted long. 

The odd jobs Jeremy managed to line up paid barely enough to put him on the lowest peg of the official poverty scale. 

To survive, he moved in with his father. They later had a falling out and Jeremy was sent packing. Now poor and homeless, the convicted ex-felon found himself in a world of hurt worse than any he had ever known. 

The one thing Jeremy had going for him was a life-saving philosophy he had embraced back in prison. It was the idea that if you stop fighting for what you want, what you don’t want will automatically appear.

Clinging to that belief, a defiant Jeremy then embarked on a job-hunting blitz, applying for job after job. And time after time he was turned away by employers too frightened of his criminal record to give him a chance.

But because he refused to throw in the towel, a door eventually opened. It was for the position of a salesperson at a used-car lot. Jeremy gratefully took the job and quickly distinguished himself as the top salesman – a ranking he held without interruption for the entire time he worked there.

Jeremy McGilvrey Authors Instagram Secrets

Later, Jeremy advanced into Internet marketing, making use of skills that he had worked tirelessly on the side to teach himself. He went on to oversee creation of a website that earned the prestigious Two Comma Club award for generating over $1,000,000 in sales.

The successes began to pile up:

  • He wrote an Amazon business bestseller (Instagram Secrets)
  • Harvard University accepted him into its marketing management program
  • ClickFunnels listed him as one of the Top 30 Internet Marketers
  • Major publications including Forbes and Entrepreneur praised him (the Huffington Post called Jeremy a “brilliant entrepreneur”)

Many people these days dispense advice. But it is usually advice neither shaped nor sharpened by adversity. The same cannot be said of the advice given by the author of CEO – Jeremy knows exactly what it is to lose everything and then rise from the ashes.

You yourself might not be at rock bottom as was Jeremy. But wherever you are in life, CEO was written for you.

Take hold of the secrets contained in this book, implement them, and celebrate the fact that you’re closer to success than you think you are. 

In fact, you’re just seven secrets away if you commit to read CEO

You Deserve Happiness & Success

This book reveals that success can be yours if you discover how to understand yourself from within.

Virtually everything you need to know about becoming successful is contained on the pages of this book..

In the first chapter, you’ll discover how to unlock the extraordinary potential you never knew existed inside you.

You’ll learn to start seeing things not as they are but as they can be – and then to manifest that vision into reality by taking ownership of it.

Jeremy McGilvrey contends it’s vital that you create a tailor-made bespoke vision. The first chapter reveals how to do it and tells you why this is so important. 


Sometimes visions run toward the negative. The author gives you the inside scoop on turning negative visions into sources of inspiration. He also tells you about the incredible things you can accomplish when you let your vision override your fears.

You’ll be introduced to the concept of taking the best chapter of your life and reverse engineering it (if you know how that best chapter was made, you can replicate it and build momentum, this is key to sustained success).

Exercises presented at the conclusion of the first chapter guide you through the process of envisioning and bringing about a fantastic future for yourself.

Your Failures Can Show You the Way To Success

In CEO’s second chapter, Jeremy talks about setting goals and the importance of writing them down.

You’ll discover why you must select a primary goal and then simplify it.

There exists a tool called the Harvard Test. It’s a quiz developed by the Harvard School of Business to help you see just how committed you actually are to achieving your goals. This chapter will acquaint you with the Harvard Test and explain how to make the most of it.

Did you know that discipline beats motivation when it comes to the pursuit of success? Jeremy McGilvrey, founder of a Top-Rated Houston Web Design Company, spells out why self-discipline is more important than motivation.

Also in this chapter, the author describes the “Passion Quotient” and the role played by the neurotransmitter dopamine in propelling you toward success (or failure).

You might believe that harboring unrealistic goals is unhelpful. The author suggests otherwise. In Chapter Two you’ll discover why.

How To Go from Ordinary To Extraordinary

In CEO’s second chapter, Jeremy talks about setting goals and the importance of writing them down.

Chapter Three teaches you how not to let the fear of falling flat on your face keep your dreams from taking wing and soaring skyward.

You’ll learn to start embracing your failures instead of disavowing them. What good is that? The author asserts that ownership of failure lets you mine it for countless valuable lessons.

Articulated in this chapter are the steps to putting memories of failure in their proper place. Follow these steps and you’ll quickly forget the painfulness of past catastrophes while still remembering what you did wrong so that you won’t make the same mistakes over again.

Also probed is resilience and how it’s used to turn setbacks into successes. Stress is covered as well – there’s a lengthy discussion about stress and about the chemicals (both beneficial and harmful) that stress releases into your bloodstream.

The topic of self-control receives a full airing as does an unusual method Albert Einstein pioneered for solving problems (it can be applied to your unique circumstances and after reading about it you’ll understand why it works so well for solving seemingly unsolvable problems).

Play To Win Instead of Playing Not To Lose

People who play to win are bold, confident, and willing to take risks. Those who play to not lose are ruled by their fears. The Fourth Chapter will help you develop success-attracting boldness and confidence.

Specifically, Jeremy McGilvrey diagnoses how good and bad decisions are made, then blows the lid off the secrets of choosing the right path or course of action every time.

The chapter also draws you into a discussion about instant gratification versus delayed gratification. Guess which type of gratification helps you achieve your dreams of success? Hint: it’s not the instant kind, says the author.

Sadly, preferring instant over delayed gratification is almost instinctive with most people. If that describes you, you’ll be happy to know that tips and exercises have been inserted in this portion of the book to help you break free of the urge for instant gratification.

Another matter addressed is framing. This is a conceptual term that refers to the ways people embark on their ideas, beliefs, and behaviors. It works against us when we use framing to cast our bad actions in a favorable light – in this chapter, you’ll spend time examining more productive ways to use framing.

Break Free of Bad Habits – It’s Easier than You Think

CEO provides the clarity that lets you see why remaining a slave to your ingrained behaviors is completely unnecessary. 

But have you ever wondered how habits get their strength and power to remain embedded within you? The answers are contained on the pages of this fifth chapter.

The book asserts that habits are not merely things you do over and over but are also things you think over and over. That means it’s by habit that you harbor negative thoughts – which is great to know, since Jeremy reveals how bad habits can be broken.

There are several ways to break a habit, as Jeremy’s book dives deep into. The first is simply to cultivate good habits and use those to overpower the bad ones. Another is to reprogram the brain (the author explains what this entails and demonstrates the simplicity of the process).

How To Choose Your Friends Wisely

Chapter Six is all about the importance of friends. It’s strongly recommended that yours be people who can help you blossom into the best possible version of yourself.

For example, the book makes clear that you are the average of the five people with whom you spend the most time – the average in terms of drive, dreams, achievements, and money. As such, an entire section of this chapter is devoted to reeling off the secrets of how to attract better-quality friends.

Discussed too are toxic relationships. CEO reveals how to identify them – especially the ones that do an excellent job of camouflaging their lethality.

Discover How To Get $1 Million of Coaching – FREE!

In this concluding chapter, you’ll come to recognize that your brain is a muscle. The more it flexes, the more it lifts. The less it works, the less work it’s capable of doing.

It turns out that there’s a tremendous amount of science behind the mechanisms and processes by which people learn, retain knowledge, and apply it. This chapter plumbs the literature, shares the findings, and clues you in about what it all means to your quest for success.

On top of this, you’ll learn about the hierarchy of competence. Your goal is to get to the very top of this hierarchy. The way to do that is by devoting yourself to continual learning – another of the topics covered in detail in this chapter.

And to cap it all off, you’ll find insights that lead you toward $1,000,000 in free business coaching – yours for the taking.

Jeremy McGilvrey Quotes

This book overflows with the author’s inspirational observations, ideas, tips, and exhortations. Here’s just a small sampling of what you’ll find as you pour through its pages:

“I have been through hell and back. I know what works and what doesn’t. Implement what I teach in this book and you will always be the chief executive officer of your life.”

“A big vision adds up to a big life. Limiting your life by having a limited vision goes against the grain of what we are as humans.”

“A strong vision can overcome virtually any obstacle life throws your way.”

“Intense passion helps you achieve goals. Therefore, you should fall in love with your goals.”

“Resilience enables ordinary people to become extraordinary.”

“When you make a mistake, the sooner you own it, the sooner you overcome it.”

“Short-term sacrifices produce long-term happiness. Sacrifice today, succeed tomorrow.”

“Change your habits and you change your life.”

“Making decisions based on the choices of people around you can derail you in ways you can’t even imagine.”

“Successful people don’t practice until they get it right. Successful people practice until they can’t get it wrong.”

“The world is changing, therefore you must change. That’s the reason for continuous learning.”

“If you truly value yourself and believe in the contribution you are capable of making to the world, then you will devote yourself to becoming a lifelong learner.”

Jeremy McGilvrey Reviews for CEO

The works of this author earn highest marks from fans, followers, and students. Here’s a small sampling:

“As the book states, it took Jeremy decades to write and the wisdom that’s in it is apparent from the very first chapter.”
~Beverly Banks
“It’s not just about wanting to succeed and growing as a person, it’s about learning how to achieve it and it’s so simple, this book has everything you need for it.”
~Jose Musset
“CEO has practical steps for anyone hungry to change their life and become a real, true CEO.”
~Tatyana Moshchenkov
“Jeremy has given me action steps to take and he’s backed up those steps with scientific research.”
~Mel Thomson
“If you’re going to learn something from someone who’s going to teach you to go where you want to go, I suggest you buy a book from someone who’s been there.”
~Alberto Raggio
“Jeremy studied the neuroscience behind why we behave the way we do for years and condensed it down into a simple to follow formula for how to live your best life in CEO.”
~David Walter

CEO Is Required Reading if You Desire To Live Life On Your Own Terms

To properly appreciate this book, you should keep in mind that many of the life-lessons Jeremy McGilvrey shares throughout CEO were taught to him by the school of hard knocks, where he was a star pupil.

Follow this roadmap Jeremy has given you. Do so and you’re much more likely to reach your destination without hitting every pothole or taking every wrong turn along the way.

While Jeremy can promise you a smoother ride, what he cannot promise is a journey with zero setbacks. That’s okay, though, because he’s got you covered with guidance to help you transform setbacks into comebacks.

One of the most important points Jeremy makes is that you are the author of your life. In his view, it’s you who gets to choose the characters that are in your life’s story. 

It’s you who gets to create the setting of your story. 

It’s you who gets to determine what the plot is going to be. 

And it’s you who gets to decide what the outcome will be.

Jeremy doesn’t know what your particular dream is. All he knows is that you have one and that you can bring it to pass – if you take the first step. 

The first step is to get CEO. Then, after you get it, read it. Then act upon what you’ve read.

This is how you’ll become stronger, wiser, and better. 

You can have vertically anything you want in life. You can unleash your inner boss and start building that million-dollar future you deserve.

CEO Book

© Jeremy McGilvrey, All Rights Reserved

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