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New $29 FREE BOOK Reveals the Science to Interrupting Unproductive Patterns & Developing New Routines

$29 FREE BOOK Reveals the Science to Interrupting Unproductive Patterns & Developing New Routines

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What is CEO book?

CEO is NOT like other personal-growth books you’ve read. Why? Because instead of telling you what to do and how to do it, I give you the science behind the why.

This is key because the “missing link” to permanent change and sustained success comes when you condition out the junk that was conditioned in. And the only way to do that is by reprogramming your subconscious.

Many self-help books produce limited or temporary results because they communicate only with the conscious mind. These unsuccessful techniques and principles rely purely on insights, reason, willpower, positive thinking, and motivation.

Conscious insight-based training teaches you what to do to be more effective in your life. But it does not give you the necessary mind management tools to accomplish your goals. The missing piece is the ability to align your subconscious beliefs with your conscious goals in order to create effective, sustainable change.

The chapters in CEO have been tightly engineered to communicate with your subconscious mind, rather than your conscious mind. The information in each chapter lays out a step-by-step solution to the 2 things high-achievers care about most:

1. How to recover from setbacks (even cataclysmic ones)

2. How to create a shift in life that produces momentum that compounds one successful day on top of another


If you’re looking for another cookie-cutter self-help book about how to “break free,” this book is NOT for you.

However, if you’re serious about using science-based strategies to live the life of your dreams, provide for the people you care about, and leave your mark on this earth…

Then this book is for you…and you can get your FREE copy today!

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Rise. Fall. Recovery.

A Story of An Epic Failure & An Impressive Comeback...

“How could you trust me with your future, if I’m not honest with you about my past.” ~Jeremy McGilvrey

27-Year-Old Know It All...


27-Year-Old Know It All...

There’s nothing you could have told the twenty-something year old me that I didn’t already know. Looking back, I can see so clearly how foolish I was.

It was just that growing up in poverty, then being named The Financial Planning Expert for the 7th largest city in the US by an NBC television affiliate and put on every major TV station, combined with making millions of dollars before I was 30, embedded in my mind a sense of invincibility.

Convincing me that I was wrong about something, you might as well have tried to tell me our planet was out of oxygen – nothing registered with the millionaire me.

A 40-Year Prison Term...

Let me start with the haircut. There was an inmate in the section of the jail I was being held whose name was “Tears.” He earned that name because the gang he was in tattooed a tear on his face for each person he killed…or so he said.

Tears claimed to be an excellent barber using nothing other than a razor and comb. Arrogant me said, “How would you like to give the most famous haircut of your life.”

The haircut was a disaster, so were the two 20 year prison terms I received that day.

A 40-Year Prison Term...


Penitentiary Visitation...


Penitentiary Visitation...

For the longest time, I wouldn’t put anyone on my visitation list. I did not want to see anyone, and I did not want anyone to see me.

When my father would come, often I’d urge him not to come back – or if he did, wait a year or so. In prison, when you’re engaged in your routine of life behind bars, you can pass time without focusing on the distant outside world.

But when someone shows up who reminds you of everything you’ve lost, it’s kinda like flying along smoothly in a plane then all the sudden you hit massive turbulence.

Searching for Answers...

No one worked harder than I did while I was in prison. The other inmates would slowly walk to the chow hall then slowly walk back because that was often the only time we saw the light of day.

Not me. Hell no! I walked as quickly as possible to eat, then rushed back to my prison cell. I did this for years. The other inmates thought I was crazy.

But the truth was I couldn’t stop writing. I couldn’t stop figuring out where I went wrong so I could document and write CEO.

Searching for Answers...



This video was recorded shortly after I was released from prison. At the time, I had nothing – well, actually I had everything: health, family, freedom.

Funny how going through a major setback can put things so well into perspective.

In the video I reference “we” instead of “me.” That’s a sure sign I matured and came to the realization how immature I truly was.

Selling Cheap Used Cars...

Napoleon Hill wrote, “This is your testing time. You have been reduced to poverty and humiliated in order that you might be forced to discover your other self.”

Without question, I was reduced to poverty and it was extremely humiliating selling cheap used cars.

I deserved better. This was not the way my life was supposed to turn out.

So what did I do? I became the manager’s best friend by becoming the No. 1 salesman at the dealership – then used nearly every penny I earned to invest in my dream and my vision of the person I wanted to become.

Selling Cheap Used Cars...

Grinding Every Night...

Grinding Every Night...

Selling cars by day, and learning Internet marketing by night is why you’re reading these words on this website (and hopefully in my new book CEO).

So many people go to their jobs, then go home and do nothing.

For me, that was not an option. I had to get my life back. I had to prove to the world (and myself) that I could rise from the ashes and make something out of myself – even though I was starting from rock bottom.

The Maternity Ward...

N. E. T. stands for No. Extra. Time. Every waking second of my life I was hustling. I was learning. And I was making certain that when my baby boy Tristan entered this world, his father (although a convicted felon) could provide for him.

Nothing, absolutely nothing was more important to me than making 100% certain my son had a father he was proud of. And my actions paved the way to make that possible.

Side note: 3 of us went into this room (doctor, Nerissa, and I). But 4 of us came out…pretty crazy.

The Maternity Ward...

Failing Forward...


Failing Forward...

So after a few months of studying Internet marketing, I became an instant millionaire.

Okay, nothing could be further from the truth! Pretty much every single thing I did failed. I cannot tell you how many times I wanted to give up.

Even my family told me, “Get a job and get some health insurance.” But I wouldn’t listen. Partially because most companies won’t hire convicted felons (the background check is the sentence that keeps you forever incarcerated).

Needless to say, things began to work out. Keep reading below…

Getting Up & Trying Again...

I went pee at least 50 times right before I was called on stage. I was outrageously nervous. What if people called me out? What if the audience brought up my criminal conviction? What if no one bought from me?

Those self-sabotaging thoughts (and many, many more) were constantly running through my mind prior to giving this speech and during.

But I forced myself to deliver. I forced myself to push massively out of my comfort zone.

And the result? A mammoth table rush in the back of the room with people literally fighting over buying my Instagram product. It was almost like I was selling the last iPhone on the planet.

Getting Up & Trying Again...

Bestselling Author...


Bestselling Author...

Writing the No. 1 marketing book in the world came as a shock to a lot of people, but none more than me.

You see, I failed kindergarten. No kidding. I literally failed the first grade I ever attended. And then I took summer school for each elementary school grade so I could pass them.

When it came time for the kids to read, I was taken out of class and sent to a special education class room where I played Organ Trail (Google it if you weren’t born in the 70s).

So much of the “programming” we receive in our childhood wreaks havoc on us in our adult lives.

Becoming Noteworthy...

Virtually every major publication across the globe has published content about me. Forbes, Huffpost, Entrepreneur, you name it.


Because I spent a tremendous amount of time developing skills that produced significant results. When most people were looking for the bottom of their Facebook feeds…I was devouring one YouTube video after another – reading one blog post after another, searching for answers on how to become one of the greatest digital marketers on the planet.

Becoming Noteworthy...


Capitalizing on Opportunities...

Jeremy-McGilvrey-Digital Marketing-Consultant

Capitalizing on Opportunities...

California seems to be the place I perform best on stage. This was another presentation where I entertained the audience with my story then sent them to the back of the room waiving their credit cards violently in order to buy one of my products.

As I stood on this stage and delivered my message, I could feel the payoff of all the insane hard work I’d put in all the years prior.

When you stop spending major time on minor stuff and don’t get addicted to distractions, amazing things can happen in life.

Harvard University...

Okay, here’s where it gets unbelievable. Harvard? Surely this image is photoshopped, right?

Nope! After years and years of applying I got in.

Recently, I was even invited by one of my professors to speak to one of his classes.

Without question, this (Harvard) conclusively proves ALL limitations are self-imposed.

Harvard University...


Commas, Not Periods...

Commas, Not Periods...

You’ll learn in CEO that our brains are programmed between the ages of 2 and 7. That’s why I took my son Tristan on stage when I won the Two Comma Club Award for generating $1,000,000 in a sales funnel.

From the earliest days of Tristan’s life I was programming a standard into my boy’s mind. I was setting the bar higher than ever.

Now, as the owner of a top-rated Houston web design company I continue to innovate and improve so I can hopefully achieve my full potential.

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7 Secrets to Success Presentation


7 Secrets to Success Presentation

In this one hour and thirty-five-minute presentation I breakdown 7 secrets to success. The secrets are time-tested and science-based.

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Some of the strategies I share are rather controversial – but they work. Every. Single. Time.

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Habit Reversal Training

It’s no secret we are what we repeatedly do. Aristotle is famous for pointing that out hundreds of years ago. But why is it that so many of us do the same things day in and day out, yet wonder why our lives won’t change?

In this mind-bending video, I reveal the answer(s). You’ll be astounded to learn what really drives our behavior.

There’s no question about it: our habits govern our lives. And learning how to break our bad habits and develop empowering and productive ones, will make…or break us.

Habit Reversal Training


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Reprogram Your Subconscious


Reprogram Your Subconscious

If I could only teach you one thing, it would be this: how to condition out the false beliefs that have been conditioned into your mind.

Disempowering beliefs are the primary reason why people work hard, attempt to do the right things – yet still never discover success.

The answer is aligning your conscious mind with your subconscious mind. And in this nearly two-hour video training, I show you how to do just that…reprogram and rewire your brain.

Houston, Texas CEO Book Presentation

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~David Walter

Introducing CEO:
the World’s Most In-Depth Science-Based Guide to Permanently Breaking Free and Living Your Dream Life!


What People Are Saying About “CEO” On...


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