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New $29 FREE BOOK Reveals the Science to Interrupting Unproductive Patterns & Developing New Routines

$29 FREE BOOK Reveals the Science to Interrupting Unproductive Patterns & Developing New Routines

Learn How To Rewire Your Subconscious and Train Your Brain for Sustained Success...

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What is CEO book?

CEO is NOT like other personal-growth books you’ve read. Why? Because instead of telling you what to do and how to do it, I give you the science behind the why.

This is key because the “missing link” to permanent change and sustained success comes when you condition out the junk that was conditioned in. And the only way to do that is by reprogramming your subconscious.

Many self-help books produce limited or temporary results because they communicate only with the conscious mind. These unsuccessful techniques and principles rely purely on insights, reason, willpower, positive thinking, and motivation.

Conscious insight-based training teaches you what to do to be more effective in your life. But it does not give you the necessary mind management tools to accomplish your goals. The missing piece is the ability to align your subconscious beliefs with your conscious goals in order to create effective, sustainable change.

The chapters in CEO have been tightly engineered to communicate with your subconscious mind, rather than your conscious mind. The information in each chapter lays out a step-by-step solution to the 2 things high-achievers care about most:

1. How to recover from setbacks (even cataclysmic ones)

2. How to create a shift in life that produces momentum that compounds one successful day on top of another


If you’re looking for another cookie-cutter self-help book about how to “break free,” this book is NOT for you.

However, if you’re serious about using science-based strategies to live the life of your dreams, provide for the people you care about, and leave your mark on this earth…

Then this book is for you…and you can get your FREE copy today!

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7 Secrets to Success Presentation


7 Secrets to Success Presentation

In this one hour and thirty-five-minute presentation I breakdown 7 secrets to success. The secrets are time-tested and science-based.

The people who attended this talk paid $197 to hear this presentation. But you get it FREE when you pick up my new book CEO.

Some of the strategies I share are rather controversial – but they work. Every. Single. Time.

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Habit Reversal Training

It’s no secret we are what we repeatedly do. Aristotle is famous for pointing that out hundreds of years ago. But why is it that so many of us do the same things day in and day out, yet wonder why our lives won’t change?

In this mind-bending video, I reveal the answer(s). You’ll be astounded to learn what really drives our behavior.

There’s no question about it: our habits govern our lives. And learning how to break our bad habits and develop empowering and productive ones, will make…or break us.

Habit Reversal Training


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Reprogram Your Subconscious


Reprogram Your Subconscious

If I could only teach you one thing, it would be this: how to condition out the false beliefs that have been conditioned into your mind.

Disempowering beliefs are the primary reason why people work hard, attempt to do the right things – yet still never discover success.

The answer is aligning your conscious mind with your subconscious mind. And in this nearly two-hour video training, I show you how to do just that…reprogram and rewire your brain.

Houston, Texas CEO Book Presentation

PROOF that “CEO” Has ALREADY Dramatically Changed the Lives of People Who Applied the Strategies Found In this Book!

“As the book states, it took Jeremy decades to write and the wisdom that’s in it is apparent from the very first chapter.”
~Beverly Banks
“A perfect blend of inspiration and action, extremely interesting content, it’s not just about wanting to succeed and growing as a person, it’s about learning how to achieve it and it’s so simple, this book has everything you need for it.”
~Jose Musset
“CEO has practical steps for anyone hungry to change their life and become a real, true CEO.”
~Tatyana Moshchenkov
“If you’re going to learn something from someone who’s going to teach you to go where you want to go, I suggest you buy a book from someone who’s been there.”
~Alberto Raggio
“Jeremy has given me action steps to take and he’s backed up those steps with scientific research.”
~Mel Thomson
“Jeremy studied the neuroscience behind why we behave the way we do for years and condensed it down into a simple to follow formula for how to live your best life in CEO.”
~David Walter

Introducing CEO:
the World’s Most In-Depth Science-Based Guide to Permanently Breaking Free and Living Your Dream Life!


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